Panic over!

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Panic over!

:? I had my bike out today and when I compressed the forks there was a clunky feeling.
So I checked the front wheel, undone it all settled it in and done it all back up. Still a clunky feeling.
Undone the brake cable holder to make sure the fork guard wasn't rubbing. Still clunky!
Checked the headrace bearings all ok, Still clunky.
Checked the suspension!

Then the penny dropped!!!!! Floating disc!!! Bugger what a waste of time :roll: :oops:
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Post Sun Oct 31, 2010 1:35 pm

Re: Panic over!

:lol: :clap: Yep my WRF got floating disc, got two sets of complete front wheels, the original WRF wheel the disc rivets are pretty loose and make that clunking noise which I have to point out when scrutineering..they always think the headrace bearings are shot. On the spare wheel the rivets holding the disc are nice and tight with hardly any lateral movement...I much prefer using this one, for some reason braking feels stronger.

Might replace the WRF disc with a non floating aftermarket item :think:

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